Faculty are vital to the development and delivery of the College of Medicine curriculum. Below are topics which may be of interest to you as a faculty member.

Important Faculty Policies, Forms and Information

  • COM Faculty, Affiliated and Volunteer Faculty and UCF Faculty Handbooks
  • Annual Evaluation and Work Assignment Forms
  • Industry Relations Policy and Guidelines
  • COM Diversity and Inclusion Statement
  • Policy on Student Surveys
  • Curriculum Vitae Template for Departments of Clinical Sciences, Internal Medicine and Medical Education
  • Annual Evaluation and Work Assignment Forms
  • COM Presentation Guidelines
  • COM Sabbatical Guidelines
  • COM and UCF Promotion and Tenure Guidelines

New Faculty Orientation

In conjunction with the University New Faculty Orientation, the College of Medicine hosts a longitudinal orientation to introduce faculty to resources and key administrators from the college and the university throughout the year.

  • New Faculty Orientation: Academic, Benefits and Payroll
  • Longitudinal Faculty Orientation occurs on a quarterly basis, upcoming dates can be viewed on the Faculty Calendar.

University Awards and Programs

UCF is proud to offer our faculty several award and leave programs to encourage faculty excellence in both research and teaching.

 Promotion and Tenure Resources

The following planning matrix was developed to help faculty identify, collect and prepare evidence of scholarship and scholarly activities. The items listed in these matrices were taken from the 1st Appendix in the Faculty Handbook. If you are considering going up for Promotion and Tenure view the Faculty Development video that introduces you to the Promotion and Tenure services that our office offers.