Affiliated and volunteer faculty are vital to the development and delivery of the College of Medicine curriculum. Affiliated faculty members are professionals employed by an entity that has an affiliation agreement with the College of Medicine. These individuals are directed by the affiliated employer to perform specific responsibilities and to devote a specified percent of time and effort to the College of Medicine. Affiliated and volunteer faculty members of the College of Medicine serve without financial compensation by UCF. They are encouraged to actively participate in the educational, research, academic service, and/or patient care programs of the College of Medicine.


We continue to recruit affiliated and volunteer faculty to participate in key aspects of the curriculum as we work toward our goal of educating exemplary physicians, leaders in medicine, scholars in science, innovators in medical technology, and compassionate providers of healthcare for the well-being of our community. There are several opportunities for affiliated and volunteer faculty to interact with the College of Medicine.

Potential roles include:

  • Presenting an interactive lecture, leading a small group session or demonstrating a skill in the first or second year curriculum
  • Serving as a preceptor or clinical role model and resource person to a first or second year student
  • Providing instruction in the core clerkships and electives for third or fourth year students
  • Advising a student pursuing individual study
  • Mentoring individual students by sharing your real-life experiences, demonstrating professionalism, and providing moral support and encouragement
  • Serving actively on one or more academic advisory committees

Appointment Process

The process of being considered for an affiliated or volunteer faculty appointment consists of submitting an electronic appointment application which includes the following:

  • Personal Data Form & Participation Registry
  • Upload an updated/Current CV (Word or PDF format)
    *Must include current employment or related work/academic status and/or hospital affiliation in Florida. For clinicians, verification of FL medical license information and/or Board Certification should be included, if applicable.

To complete your online application, please visit

Once your application is submitted, the office of faculty and academic affairs will review the application for preliminary approval. If criteria is met, an appointment agreement letter will be generated for your review and signature. The agreement letter is contingent upon successful review and final approval from the College of Medicine, Office of the Dean and UCF Vice President of Medical Affairs. Upon final approval, your affiliated UCF faculty benefits and privileges will be activated and your appointment information will be added to our Affiliated/Volunteer Faculty directory.

Affiliated and Volunteer Faculty Program Contacts

Questions? Please review our FAQ page.

For more information about the Affiliated and Volunteer Faculty Program contact:

Non-Salaried Faculty Office:

Phone:  407-266-1104 ~ Fax: 407-266-1149 ~ Email:

  • Carolyn Castro-Pagan
    Administrator, Medical School Programs
    Phone: 407.266.1109
  • Mario Alequin
    Office Support Assistant
    Phone: 407.266.1049


Volunteer and affiliated faculty members are entitled to the following privileges and benefits offered by the University of Central Florida:

  • The privilege to be designated as UCF faculty
  • The right to participate in departmental and college-wide academic activities
  • Access to Harriet F. Ginsburg Health Sciences Library and UCF Libraries services and resources
  • Discounts on all purchases other than textbooks at the Barnes and Noble bookstore located on the UCF main campus
  • Discounts on purchases from the UCF Computer Store
  • Access to faculty development opportunities

Additionally, preceptors may be eligible to claim CME credit. For example, AMA PRA Category 2 Credit is defined as educational activities not designated for AMA PRA Category 1 Credit, which:

  • Comply with the AMA definition of CME
  • Comply with the AMA ethical opinions on Gifts to Physicians from Industry and on Ethical Issues in CME (i.e., are not promotional)
  • Physician finds to be a worthwhile learning experience related to his/her practice

CME includes such learning activities as teaching medical students and preceptorships. In each case, the physician determines the number of credits by claiming one (1) AMA PRA Category 2 Credit for each 60-minute hour engaged in the learning activity. Physicians may claim credit in 15 minute, or 0.25 credit increments, and should round to the nearest quarter hour. For more information, visit