Extracurricular Clinical Activity Forms and Extracurricular Research Activity Forms are required for any clinical or research activities that take place outside of the curriculum, such as shadowing, health fairs, or research that is NOT part of the FIRE module.  Forms must be submitted and approved PRIOR to the activity occurring.  Forms will not be approved retroactively.

Extracurricular Clinical Activity Form

This form is used for anything with a clinical component (such as volunteering at a free clinic).  In order for the student to be covered by liability insurance, the signature or approval of a UCF College of Medicine faculty member (core/adjunct/volunteer) must accompany the form.

International Clinical Activities

If it is an international clinical activity, the approval of Dr. Judith Simms-Cendan must be obtained PRIOR to submitting the form to the Office of Student Affairs.  Students should contact Dr. Simms-Cendan at least eight weeks prior to travel.  For more information visit https://med.ucf.edu/global-health/.

Extracurricular Research Form

This form is used for research OTHER THAN RESEARCH RELATED TO THE FIRE MODULE.  This does not apply to literature reviews.  If the student is submitting or finishing up a manuscript or other publication from research at a previous institution, a copy of the IRB approval letter must accompany this form.

For any questions, please contact the Office of Student Affairs.