About Andrew F. Payer, Ph.D.

Dr. Payer’s primary education commitment is in clinical anatomy with an emphasis on utilization of medical imaging (radiographs, MRI, CT and ultrasonography) to apply anatomical knowledge to clinical problems. Students will have hands-on opportunities to use ultrasonography as they study in the anatomy lab. Dr. Payer teaches in the Structure and Function Module in the year-one medical curriculum that integrates the following content areas: clinical anatomy, embryology, microanatomy, physiology and neuroscience.

His research interests are in medical education using new instructional modalities and technologies. He directs the state-of-the-art anatomy laboratory facility in the medical education building. This facility is used for undergraduate medical education, graduate medical education and continuing medical education. During his 35 years in medical education, Dr. Payer has been involved in planning, implementing and evaluating medical curricular changes and innovations at the course, institutional and national level in traditional medical education programs, problem-based medical curricula and hybrid medical curricula.


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