About Analia Castiglioni, MD

 Dr. Analia Castiglioni is a board-certified Internist with an interest in medical education.   Dr. Castiglioni began her medical career at University of the Republic School of Medicine, Montevideo, Uruguay and transferred to the Medical College of Pennsylvania to finish her medical doctorate.  She continued on to residency at University of Pennsylvania and subsequently completed a clinician educator fellowship at the same institution in Philadelphia.  Upon completing her training, Dr. Castiglioni accepted a position at University of Alabama at Birmingham, where she served as the Assistant Course Director for the Introduction to Clinical Medicine Course, Resident Clinic Preceptor, Ambulatory Morning Report Presenter and Facilitator, Preceptor for Small Groups in the Introduction to Clinical Medicine and Master Physical Diagnosis Courses, Proctor for Observed Standardized Clinical Examinations, Faculty for Creating Effective Resident Teachers program and VA Women’s Clinic Preceptor.  She was awarded the Outstanding Teacher in the Division of General Internal Medicine in 2003, Argus Award Honors for Excellence in Mentoring in 2008 and the Department of Medicine Educational Excellence Award in 2009. 

The College of Medicine welcomed Dr. Castiglioni in October 2012.  Dr. Castiglioni serves as Co-Module Director for the Practice of Medicine 2 Module and develops content relevant to her specialty in the systems based modules.  She is also active in delivering faculty development to GME faculty and providing leadership in the development of a faculty mentoring program at the college.  Dr. Castiglioni spends part of her time in practice at UCF Health.

Dr. Castiglioni participates on the Southern SGIM Clinician Educator Award Selection Committee and is active with the Alpha Omega Alpha Honorary Medical Society, Society of General Internal Medicine, and American College of Physicians.


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