Upcoming Events and Opportunities

Addressing Healthcare Inequities Impacting the BIPOC LGTBQIA+ Community
Tuesday, 06/29/2021 from 7-8pm EST

Demystifying Healthcare Policy: How Laws Dictate Survival in Underserved Communities
Thursday, 07/22/2021 from 7-8pm EST

Talk into Action: How to Practice Anti-Racism in Healthcare
Thursday, 08/19/2021 from 7-8pm EST

Tools and Assessments

UCF Safe Zone Resources – LGBTQ+ education, visibility, and training resources.
LGBT Resources for Providers – Dr. Jennifer Evans, Suwannee River Area Health Education Center
CEO Action Quizzes – Tools to help you reflect on your personal diversity perceptions and situations.
Racial Equity Tools – Research, tips, curricula and ideas for working towards justice.
Implicit Association Test – Test that measures implicit biases and preferences.
Tools for Assessing Cultural Competency Training – Assessment used to gauge cultural competency training opportunities in medical schools by examining all components of the curriculum.
PJI Principles of How We Treat Each Other – Key principles developed by the Valencia College Peace and Justice Institute for practicing respect and community building.
PBS Tools for Anti-Racist Teaching – Virtual professional learning event for educators to analyze systemic oppression within education and learn new tools to implement in the classroom.
The Privilege Walk – This exercise helps participants develop awareness of themselves, which can improve how they relate to others. In this way, it invites people to think about ways inclusivity can create positive changes in their organizations.
Teaching Tolerance – Free resources for K-12 educators to supplement the curriculum, to inform their practices, and to create civil and inclusive school communities where children and young people are respected, valued and welcome participants.
The Institute for Sustainable Diversity and Inclusion – Forging direction and setting the pace for the Pacific Northwest and around the globe to be known as a world-class pluralistic and inclusive society where all people can live, learn, work and thrive. 
GOOD DOCS – Documentaries on educational equity that do good in the world.
The Best Schools – Resources for Black College Students – Wherever You Go to School
Roots of Health Inequity – Online learning collaborative aimed to address systemic differences in health and wellness.
Designing and Creating a Positive Learning Experience – UCF COM ACT program that promotes positive relationships, respect, and inclusion with learners in clinical settings.
W.K. Kellogg Foundation Racial Equity Resource Guide – Guides and workshops that provide structure for having a dialogue on issues of race, activities focused on helping achieve racial equity and trainings designed to raise awareness and inspire action.

Professional Development

UCF Office of Diversity and Inclusion Training Workshops – Certificates, trainings, and workshops to improve performance or learning and work environments.
UCF Safe Zone Series – LGBTQ+ education, trainings and workshops.
LinkedIn Learning – UCF LinkedIn Learning opportunities on topics related to diversity and inclusion.
Virtual Coffee and Conversations – University Behavioral Center biweekly meet ups with community providers to discuss a variety of resources and topics.
The Forum on Workplace Inclusion – Webinars, events, conferences, and resources.
AAMC Diversity 3.0 Learning Series – Webinars, interviews, and guidance form subject matter experts on diversity and inclusion topics.
The Equity Journey – Self-guided learning module that will help assess and develop understanding of equity and bias.
AAMC MedEd PORTAL – Anti-racism in medicine teaching and learning resources.
American Physiology Society – Webinars, publications, and other resources to gain a better understanding of diversity in life, health, and disease.
UCF Health Grand Rounds Video Archive – Language Barriers and HC outcomes: Need for a Multi-Cultural Inclusive Environment.
What if White People Led the Charge End Racism – TED Talk by Nita Mosby Tyler on building justice.
Skillsoft Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – Leadercamps on Embracing Allyship, Leading Inclusively, and Combat Injustice with Just Data.
The Forum on Race, Advocacy, and Medical Education (FRAME) Conference – Created by Christina Amutah and Alana Jones, two medical students with a passion for eliminating racism from medicine.

Additional Resources and Reports

Diversity in Medicine: Facts and Figures 2019 – AAMC
Cultural Competency In Medical Education – HRSA
Cultural Competence Education – AAMC
Minority Health and Health Equity – Florida Department of Health
National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities
Peace and Justice Institute Journal