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The leadership of the College of Medicine and the Curriculum Committee have approved a curriculum reform initiative in order to maintain UCF at the forefront of excellent medical education as well as meet the changing needs of students and medical care.

The most up-to-date information on the transformation of our curriculum will be housed on this page.

If you have any questions regarding the content on this page, please contact Amanda Ramos. 

Current Status: Each Task Force has appointed chairs. The Task Force chairs are creating formal invitations for Department Chair approval. Upon approval from Department Chairs, individual members will be invited and meetings will begin (February 26th, 2020). 

Curriculum Transformation Leadership Structure

Meet the CTEC Team

The Curriculum Transformation Executive Committee is the core leadership of our curriculum transformation. These members will receive recommendations from each task force and propose the official new curriculum plan to the Curriculum Committee.

Meet the CTAG Team

The Curriculum Transformation Advisory Group is the compliment committee to CTEC. These members will participate and support each task force as they make recommendations to CTEC.

Task Forces

Task Forces are designed to own a segment of the curriculum transformation. Each Task Force will be charged with a specific goal to accomplish.


Chairs: Dr. Caridad Hernandez and Dr. Jonathan Kibble

Charge: Designing and proposing a governance structure and processes for the new curriculum that enhance committee(s)/subcommittees’ effectiveness, transparency and communication.

Assessment and Evaluation:

Chairs: Dr. Jeffrey LaRochelle and Dr. Jonathan Kibble

Charge: Design, develop, and plan a longitudinal program of assessment to provide both formative and summative assessments and evaluations for learners at the UCF COM across all four years of training mapped to school objectives and competencies. 

Scholarship Tracks / Areas of Concentration:

Chairs: Dr. Magdalena Pasarica and Dr. Eric Schrimshaw

Charge: Available upon CTEC approval.

Content and Pedagogy:

Chairs: Dr. David Harris and Dr. Feroza Daroowalla

Charge: Developing the master plan for the content of the curriculum across all four years of medical school; and the central pedagogies that will be utilized at the COM. 

Learning Environment:

Chairs: Dr. Christine Kauffman and Dr. Katherine Daly

Charge: Available upon CTEC approval.

Reactor Panels

Reactor Panels will be comprised of any faculty and curriculum staff that are interested in supporting each Task Force.

More information regarding Reactor Panels will be available as Task Forces develop.

UCF Resources regarding Curriculum Transformation:

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