If you are receiving a prerequisite error while attempting to enroll in a class, please fill out this online override form: Override Form

The requirements to be enrolled into a class are:

  • Student must show proof of prerequisites including the student’s full name.
  • Overrides are not possible for closed classes. If a class is open, then you will be enrolled by us. If a class is waitlisted, you will receive an email when you have permission to enroll yourself.
  • Students must have a valid enrollment appointment.
  • Class must be within the College of Medicine.

Override Procedure

Override Explanation

If you are having issues with the online form, please email BSBSOverrides@ucf.edu

Outgoing UCF Transient Student

  • Transient forms must be submitted the semester prior to the term of the transient course. Your enrollment appointment should be open and your UCF schedule should be finalized.
  • You may not exceed the 17 credit hour limit in Fall/Spring or 14 credit hour limit in Summer (including both UCF courses and transient courses).
  • Make sure that all the classes you want to take transient are on one form. Duplicate forms will be denied.
  • For questions about Financial Aid and transient classes, check here: https://finaid.ucf.edu/applying/transient/
  • Send transcripts from transient institutions to UCF after grades have been posted.

Link to the Transient Form: https://www.floridashines.org/