Research Divisions

At the University of Central Florida, biomedical researchers are advancing our understanding of human disease and developing innovative methods of treatment. Many are engaged in research on the world’s most prevalent and serious health problems, including cancer and cardiovascular, infectious and neurodegenerative diseases. They are making discoveries taking cures from the bench to the bedside, helping the citizens of Florida, the nations and world.


The mission of the Division of Cancer Research is to bring to the forefront, through research and education, the wealth of knowledge that basic scientists have discovered about the underlying causes of cancer.

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Infectious Disease

The Division of Infectious Disease houses both the Immunology and Molecular & Microbiology Divisions.

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Metabolic and Cardiovascular

The Metabolic and Cardiovascular Research Division focuses on understanding the pathogenesis, molecular mechanisms and cell signaling of metabolic and heart diseases and to bring translational research into the clinical environment to serve our community.

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The mission of the Neuroscience Division is to discover cellular and molecular mechanisms that govern normal development and function of the nervous system.

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Other Research Areas