The Biomedical Sciences Graduate Services Office is an integral part of ensuring students’ success in their graduate and/or doctoral studies. During the application process, the BSGO is in charge of receiving and organizing all applicants’ files and presenting those files to the MS and Ph.D. Admissions Committees for review. Acceptance and denial letters are also sent out through the BSGO upon decisions made by the Admissions Committees.

Please note these Application Deadlines:

There is no spring admission.

The BSGO remains heavily involved once students begin their graduate and/or doctoral student careers.  Beginning with orientation, the BSGO also assists students with course registration, organizing seminars, symposiums, thesis defenses, and tracking student achievements throughout their time in the program(s). Moreover, the BSGO is a critical link of communication between the students and their program directors and coordinators, keeping all parties up to date on the latest protocols and information for the department.

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