Covid-19 Update

The UCF COM MD Admissions office has been working diligently with AMCAS and the AAMC to stay abreast of the impact COVID-19 is having on the current and future admission cycle. UCF COM has confidence in AMCAS and MCAT to ensure that all applications are processed as rapidly as possible.

MCAT: We are aware many of you had your MCAT date rescheduled to a later date than you had planned. We have been assured sufficient MCAT test dates will be added to the schedule to accommodate all who need to test. All rescheduling fees have been waived for 2020.  As such, we do not plan to eliminate of the MCAT as a requirement for this application cycle. Furthermore, we will accept MCAT scores taken in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Coursework: We will accept P/F grades issued during the COVID-19 crisis as well as online courses. When deciding whether or not you should use P/F or a graded system you should select the option that is most optimal for your application.

Interview Season:

In order to support our nation’s public-health efforts surrounding COVID-19, interviews for the 2020-2021 cycle will be conducted virtually. Each applicant will participate in two video call interviews.  Prior to your interviews you will be required to review the instructions sent to you from the admissions office and view a welcome video from the Dean. This video will provide valuable insight to the vision and mission of the UCF College of Medicine M.D. program.

We hope to have the opportunity to bring each interviewed applicant to the UCF COM to learn more about our program. If permitted, we will host visits to the COM throughout the interview cycle, alternatively if we cannot host students at the COM we will employ a mixture of Zoom discussion and video.  We encourage students to attend the earliest date available.

The actual day is a five-hour visit and includes:

Safety of our students, faculty, staff and applicants is as always, our number one concern. Should we be unable to host in-person visits to the UCF COM we will replicate your visit virtually. We will ensure you every opportunity to hear from our students and our leaders and to learn everything you need to know about our M.D. program.

Future Updates: We will update the MSAR with any changes to our admissions policies, procedures, and deadlines change.  We will update our website as decisions are made that may impact this upcoming admission cycle.