When the Medical Student Admissions Committee (MSAC) makes a final decision regarding an interviewed applicant, the M.D. Program Admissions Office will contact each applicant by telephone to inform him or her of the committee’s decision.


Accepted – an acceptance package is mailed to applicants on the day following the MSAC decision. All offers of acceptance are provisional. An offer of acceptance may be rescinded if the applicant does not respond to the acceptance offer or does not maintain academic standards or meet other program requirements prior to enrollment.

Not Accepted – a notification of non-admittance is sent to each applicant declined admission. Upon request, the Office of Admissions will counsel the applicant to help increase their competitiveness for a future application.

Wait Listed – while on the wait list, prospective students will be contacted by the M.D. Program Admissions Office periodically to provide updates on the status and possible outcome of their applications. The applicant will be informed immediately upon change of admission status.

Acceptance Packages

The acceptance package will include the Acceptance Letter and a Combined Response Form. We request that the Combined Response Form and state Residency Affidavit be returned to the Admissions Office within two weeks from the date of the Acceptance Letter. The Combined Response form will include information regarding:

If the Response Form is not received from the applicant, the Admissions Office will make every effort to contact the applicant to determine their intent. Non-receipt of the Response Form within the time specified in the letter will be grounds for cancellation of the offer of acceptance at the discretion of the Director of Admissions.