Letters of Recommendation

Receipt and Processing

The M.D. Admissions Office will only accept letters of recommendation that have been received via AMCAS. The applicant is responsible for ensuring that the appropriate letters are provided to AMCAS. Refer to AMCAS for detailed instructions for the letters of recommendation process. It is important that you coordinate with your own Pre-med Advising Office since many send the letter packages for you.

Important: Any letters of recommendation sent directly to the UCF M.D. Admissions Office will not be considered in the admissions process and will be destroyed.

Other Requirements

Letters of Recommendation are required for most M.D. Programs. The UCF MD program requires the following letters to complete a file:

  • Traditional Applicant – an applicant who will be entering the M.D. program directly from a bachelor's degree program with less than a one year break:
    • three individual faculty letters - two letters from basic science faculty, and one from a non-science faculty member, or one Pre-Med/Pre-Professional Composite Committee Letter
    • two character letters - these letters should be from those who can tell us about "who" you are. Authors may be those who have been your supervisor, friend, neighbor, someone you have volunteered with or shadowed, someone from an organization or club that you belong to, clergy, etc. One of these two letters may be from an academic peer.
  • Non-Traditional Applicant – an applicant where at least one year has passed since obtaining the initial bachelor's degree. This applicant may have completed additional academics possibly leading to another degree, or may have been away from academics for several years:
    • supervisor letters for the three faculty letters
    • two characters letters that would be the same needed for Traditional Applicants.