Tools and Assessments

UCF Safe Zone Resources – LGBTQ+ education, visibility, and training resources.
Racial Equity Tools – Research, tips, curricula and ideas for working towards justice.
Implicit Association Test – Test that measures implicit biases and preferences.
Tools for Assessing Cultural Competency Training – Assessment used to gauge cultural competency training opportunities in medical schools by examining all components of the curriculum.
PJI Principles of How We Treat Each Other – Key principles developed by the Valencia College Peace and Justice Institute for practicing respect and community building.
Virtual Coffee and Conversations – University Behavioral Center biweekly meetups with community providers to discuss a variety of resources and topics.

Professional Development

UCF Office of Diversity and Inclusion Training Workshops – Certificates, trainings, and workshops to improve performance or learning and work environments.
UCF Safe Zone Series – LGBTQ+ education, trainings and workshops.
LinkedIn Learning – UCF LinkedIn Learning opportunities on topics related to diversity and inclusion.
The Forum on Workplace Inclusion – Webinars, events, conferences, and resources.
AAMC Diversity 3.0 Learning Series – Webinars, interviews, and guidance form subject matter experts on diversity and inclusion topics.
PBS Tools for Anti-Racist Teaching – Virtual professional learning event for educators to analyze systemic oppression within education and learn new tools to implement in the classroom.
The Equity Journey – Self-guided learning module that will help assess and develop understanding of equity and bias.
AAMC MedEd PORTAL – Anti-racism in medicine teaching and learning resources.
American Physiology Society – Webinars, publications, and other resources to gain a better understanding of diversity in life, health, and disease.
UCF Health Grand Rounds Video Archive – Language Barriers and HC outcomes: Need for a Multi-Cultural Inclusive Environment.
Designing and Creating a Positive Learning Experience – UCF COM ACT program that promotes positive relationships, respect, and inclusion with learners in clinical settings.
What if White People Led the Charge End Racism – TED Talk by Nita Mosby Tyler on building justice.
Skillsoft Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – Leadercamps on Embracing Allyship, Leading Inclusively, and Combat Injustice with Just Data.
GOOD DOCS – Documentaries on educational equity that do good in the world.
Roots of Health Inequity – Online learning collaborative aimed to address systemic differences in health and wellness.


Diversity in Medicine: Facts and Figures 2019 – AAMC
Cultural Competency In Medical Education – HRSA
Cultural Competence Education – AAMC