Here are some opportunities that will count toward becoming a Diversity Champion. If you would like to suggest an experience that is not currently listed, you must get it approved at least one week prior to participating by emailing the Office for Diversity and Inclusion at

2017 Diversity Lunch and Learn Series

  • All sessions are on Tuesdays at 12:15 pm – 1:00 pm
  • January 24 – Engaging our Veteran’s Continuing the Dialogues
  • COM 101
  • Into the Fire is an exploration of our returning vets with disabilities and combat related trauma and their stories as they integrate into their families, communities educational institutions and the workforce
  • March 7 – Defining, Developing and Defusing Difficult Dialogues
  • Unacknowledged bias, preconceived notions, and emotions such as fear can block communication and the ability to leverage diversity. Using three core conceptual models (Contact Theory, Emotional Intelligence and Stereotype Threat), this interactive workshop will offer effective tools and guide you through self-awareness exercises and challenging dialogues about real-life, cross-cultural issues. You will identify practical uses for this information and a skill set for your personal and professional life. This workshop is designed for those wishing to increase intercultural competence and comfort with difficult dialogues, whether in training, education, coaching, or management; and for teachers helping students increase effectiveness in diverse environments.
  • May 2 – D& I Crisis Response: Picking Up the Pieces: Being Pro Active , Social Strain
  • COM 101
  • Individually and organizationally, we find ourselves more frequently confronted with Inclusion-Related Crises. Recent events – around the world, regionally and locally – have brought this clearly into focus. Too often, we are moved to react – most frequently with care, compassion and success. How can we prepare our “inclusion vehicles” (our D&I teams as well as staff and communities) to create a pro-active road map which will guide our Crisis Response. Together we will capitalize on best practices, brainstorm new avenues to explore and plan ahead for the speed bumps we are bound to encounter on our journey.
  • July 25 – Free Speech/Hate Messaging: Having Sensitive Conversations
  • COM 101
  • Our country was founded on the premise of and prides itself on our providing Free Speech for all. We will weave and zigzag through the confusion about times when the privilege of Free Speech clashes with Hate Messaging. We will learn how to balance the freedom of speech with responsibility of respect and inclusion. And, we’ll learn how to confront, address, manage and / or disarm hate messaging. Our presenter will help us navigate the course between the strategic, the pragmatic and the legal guardrails surrounding this topic.
  • We will examine the implications of race in all aspects of the workplace environment, from the systemic perspective, and how we can address it from a personal, workplace, and regional level.

September 19 – It’s ALL about the “I”: Lessons Learned , Best Practices and Embedding Inclusion

  • COM 101
  • Diversity and Inclusion work, oddly, is often solitary work driven by a few key people who are passionate about creating a better work environment, community, Guest / Cast / Student experience or positive impact on the bottom line. Frequently, this is done in a “heads-down” position – which can lead to stagnation, or even worse, a “crash” with significant negative impacts. In this session we will “draft” on the Best Practices of organizations who have successfully navigated their maps to create successful inclusion experiences. Best practices will look at the resources – people, financial and time – needed for drivers and passengers alike to experience a smoother, more inclusive ride.
  • November 14 – Managing Inclusion/Exclusion Fatigue: The Toll on Mental Health
  • COM 101
  • Creating and maintaining an inclusive environment is neither easy nor for the faint of heart. In this session, we will explore the physical and mental toll it takes for those of us who opt in to drive, lead and support inclusion efforts. Fatigue while driving can have disastrous consequences. This program will explore the impacts of Inclusion Fatigue, how to read the road signs that warn us of that fatigue and ways we can build a “safety cage” around ourselves to ensure the fatigue doesn’t push us into the guard rails or off the road.We’ll also consider how Inclusion Fatigue symptoms may mirror those of PTSD and other stress and fatigue-related experiences. We will capitalize on those experiences to build a tool kit which minimizes the negative impact on our mental health and maximizes our personal and organizational success.

UCF Office of Diversity and Inclusion (Main Campus)

  • Visit their website for the complete schedule or to schedule a session. Available sessions:
  • Courageous Conversations: Racism and Reality
    • Wednesday, April 13, 7:00 pm – 8:50 pm
    • Classroom Building 1, room 121
    • Join us as highly trained facilitators guide university community members, public safety officials, and local community
      members through civil discussion to address current issues on race and the prevailing social and political climate in the nation as it
      affects people of color, focusing on areas that need continued relief, such as employment, wealth and health disparities, housing
      issues, and the achievement gap in education.
  • The Power of Symbols: When Hate Visits Our Community
    • Monday, April 18, 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm
    • Student Union 218 C & D
    • They convey considerable meaning in an immediately recognizable form, and the power they can have is tremendous. Some symbols are meant to evoke feelings of hate or anger, or to spark fear and insecurity. The impact on the victim goes beyond an individual or even the targeted community, but affects everyone around. Join us to discuss how symbols affect our campus and ways in which we respond.
  • ABCs of Diversity
  • Understanding Power and Privilege
  • Diversity Certificate Series
  • Inclusive Communication
  • Secular and Religious Minority Awareness
  • Examining the Real Disability Barriers
  • ONLINE: Performance Standards for UCF’s Cultural Competencies (Faculty only)
  • Effective Communication in a Diverse World
  • Safe Zone: LGBTQ+ 101
  • Safe Zone: Advocates
  • Safe Zone: Coming Out
  • Safe Zone: Gold

Service Opportunities

  • Zora Festival
    • Late January
    • Sign people in or assist by providing health screenings. Sign up through the COM Office for Diversity and Inclusion in early or mid-January.
  • Caribbean Health Summit
    • Mid September
    • Medical Students Only: Provide health education to Summit attendees and answer their health questions. Sign up through the COM Office for Diversity and Inclusion in late August.

AAMC Webinars